Achieving the best outcome

A high street florist, sharing property alongside other businesses contacted our claims consultant Alastair Dewar to help when they had a devastating fire.


  •  The fire left the building in need of significant repairs
  • A complex and extensive rebuild was required
  • There would be a lengthy reconstruction period of 24 months
  • Our client was not the only business in the property

The client was covered for a maximum of 24 months of business interruption. This cover aims to maintain a business’s income even if they are unable to trade for a period. It also helps a business to get back into the same position prior to an incident.

Despite the fact these costs were covered by the florist’s insurance policy, the question was, would their customers return after two years when the repairs were complete?


Alastair agreed with the insurers that the client could re-establish itself from a different location if they could find a site.

Alastair soon found a nearby florist for sale in a great location. The clients business was moved to the new site to begin trading within a much shorted interruption period.


  •  The client was back to business within 7 months instead of 24
  • They retained old customers as well as winning new due to new location
  • Strengthened the overall business after recovery