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Managing conflict effectively

A brewery client contacted our claims consultant to help with ongoing negotiations six months after they suffered a substantial fire.

A brewery client contacted our claims consultant Graeme Monce to help with ongoing negotiations six months after they suffered a substantial fire.


The fire damaged essential equipment and massively affected the running of the business. The brewery appointed Graeme because they were struggling to reach agreement with the loss adjuster. There was a significant difference of opinion between the brewery and the loss adjuster regarding the claim value and potential level of settlement.


Graeme worked closely with the brewery’s management team to collect vital information to support the extent of the losses they faced.

The building suffered severe fire damage. On behalf of the brewery’s management team argued that it would be more effective to demolish and redevelop the building in a different form.

Before Graeme was involved, the loss adjuster’s view was that the business had been largely unaffected in terms of functionality and business interruption. Graeme worked with the business to demonstrate to the loss adjuster and the insurer that a number of revenue streams had been interrupted, which in turn had affected the running of the business.

As a direct result of the fire, the business had to purchase new materials and suffered from a temporary shortage of equipment. Graeme correctly categorised this as a business interruption item relating to a loss of income. The final claim covered the cost of replacing damaged buildings, the business equipment loss, and a financial settlement for the business interruption, all to the client’s satisfaction.


Through the meticulous auditing of the loss, and informed negotiation with the loss adjuster, Graeme secured a substantial cash settlement. One that was correctly over twice the loss adjuster’s original proposal.

Graeme worked with all parties to resolve the problems the client was facing. This resulted in a more positive claims experience. One that not only got the brewery back to where they were before the fire, but in a better position that allowed them to continue and develop their business successfully.