Dealing with flood damage

A specialist modelling and computer, Futura Designs aided design business contacted our claims consultant Graeme Monce to help when they found their offices flooded.


  • The business had suffered serious water damage throughout their premises
  • The damage affected specialist machinery and some of their daily activities could no longer be carried out
  • The flooding also damaged improvements they had recently made to the property


On the day of the flood, our consultants attended to provide initial advice and guidance. They worked with the team to review the full extent of the damage and the effect this had on the business. 

Liaising with the insurers, Graeme was able to speed up the claims process and developed a plan to limit business interruption. 

Insurer: The insurer said the specialist modelling machinery that had been flood damaged was repairable.

Graeme: Asked for a specialist report – this confirmed the equipment was beyond repair.

Client: Preferred a cash settlement over replacement – this was agreed.

In order to rectify damage to the improvements the company had made, Graeme agreed with the insurer for this to be included in the in the settlement totalling £50,000 which even included the cost of a surveyor.


An overall cash claim settlement was agreed at £125,000.

  • The business was able to move to a new premises earlier than planned
  • They accelerated their business plan
  • Turned a negative event into a positive outcome

What the client said: “Hamilton Bond, who you recommended to me, provided an excellent service and achieved a first class result with our claim”. David Able, Managing Director, Futura Designs Ltd

What the broker said: “The Client was delighted with the outcome of the claim and later confirmed at renewal that as the claim result was so good, we would have to do something drastic to ever lose their business!” David Wheatley, Managing Director, Birmingham, Oval Insurance Brokers.